Eliza Agnew BPO Service Center

A pioneering initiative by the Youth of Uduvil, Jaffna.

"We need to do more than learning about computers. We need to demonstrate how to operate and manage a computer based IT business profitably!"

FARO (Foundation for Advancing Rural Opportunity), with the support of ICTA (Information Communication Technology Agency), HAYLEYS PLC, UDUVIL GIRLS COLLEGE and the SRI LANKAN DIASPORA, have provided us, the youth of Uduvil, with a unique opportunity to work and build sustainable careers in a world class BPO (

) facility that's being established close to our homes in Uduvil, Jaffna. We will also be given the responsibility to fully own and operate this facility as shareholders and entrepreneurs, following similar successful business models established by FARO in Mahavilachchiya and Seenigama.