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Deeds, Not Words...

Paladin's training programs are designed around the fundamentals and focus on providing students with course material that can be absorbed quickly and efficiently. We do not attempt to reinvent the wheel or dress up tried-and-true methodologies with new names in an attempt to gain market presence. What we do is push the boundaries of traditional training in order to allow our students to explore their own limitations, all while learning how to operate efficiently under extreme stress. We ask the questions that many trainers choose to ignore; we try to fill those gaps that we all know exist within our training regimens...if only we could put our finger on them. If you are mentally or physically uncomfortable then we are doing our job - because nothing about combat is comfortable.

Our instructors teach A way, not THE way, and we fully expect to learn as much from our students as they learn from us. We believe that survival is not just about learning how to shoot – it's about learning how to think.

Be Brilliant in the Basics...

While the objective of many of Paladin's courses is to develop and hone advanced skills, each and every course provides students with an opportunity to review and enhance their proficiency in the basic fundamentals of tactics and weapons handling before moving into the more advanced techniques, regardless of the level of student. Paladin Tactical firmly believes that training should never sacrifice efficiency or professionalism for technology or fashion – just as we believe that in order to fully realize the advantages of more advanced techniques a student must be fully grounded in the basic fundamentals of weapons handling and tactical decision making.

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Because the only thing that matters is coming home...

The instructor cadre at Paladin Tactical believes that the only way to make sure that training is efficient is to bring the street to the range rather than continually trying to take the range to the street. We understand that funding for training is both hard-won and cautiously spent, and we strive to ensure that our students walk away from our programs feeling as though the results were worth every penny. Our days are long, our programs are mentally and physically challenging – and you wouldn't have it any other way.

Stay sharp -

David R. Williams,